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June 26, 2013
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2pEnglandxReader: I wanna Play a Game Part11

~~Previously on I wanna play a game~~
"Hey,are you sure you will be able to drive,you look really tired" you said getting into the car along with Alexia,"Actually,I'm not tired at all,I just look like this" she said as she started the car up,when she started to drive,the car came to a bump,and it felt like she ran over something. You looked out the back of the car and saw Al getting up. "Ha,dumb ass got a taste of his own medicine" you said with a smirk as she continued to drive.
~~now back to the story~~

                                      It wouldn't be to long until you finally reached the airport,but you knew you wouldn't be safe until you got on the plane or would you even be safe on the plane. You knew you weren't going to go back to (Country Capital),(Country) since you left you wallet at that mansion and it had information about you and your address. You were feeling a little drowsy and thought you would take a nap until you get to the airport until a certain baseball bat crashed through the car's back window,causing you to jump and scream out of surprise and that was also when the car came to an immediate stop and both Shirley and Alexia got out the car leaving you in it alone...with Al's baseball bat. Next thing you heard was yelling and screaming,the thing hitting the ground,then things flying in the air and just a lot of noises that sounded mostly like someone getting jumped. After a good 15 minutes,Shirley and Alexia both got back in the car and started driving again. Alexia took the bat next to me and said "this is mine now" and then set it on her lap. So I assumed they were upset about Al breaking the car back window that they probably broke some of his parts,which you couldn't help to smile about. After a while,Alexia and Shirley started chatting and then there was silence. It was making you uncomfortable so you decided to say something. " many bones did you guys break on him?" you asked since that was the first thing that came to mind,"I don't know,I stopped counting after three" Shirley said keeping her eyes on the road,"I stop counting after 5" Alexia said with a smirk on her face and this couldn't help but to make you even more happier. Soon the car stopped at the airport and the three of you got out. "Thanks for the ride and you help,you don't no how much I appreciate it" you said thankfully to them,"your welcome,just call me if you need anything" Alexia said as she took out a piece of paper and wrote her phone number on it,"Again thanks for everything" you said as you to the paper and put it in your bra," no problem,be safe okay,bye" Alexia said as she and shirley got back in the car and drove off. 'Just one more step until I'm away from it all' you thought as you walked in the airport. 'Oh crap,I don't have my plane ticket!it's in my wallet' you thought to yourself. You didn't know what too do until a young woman wearing a white Victorian-style dress, white boots, and a red-and-black Gingham patterned ascot tie with long honey-blonde hair trimmed with straight bangs that cover her forehead and light gray eyes walked up to you. "You must be (Name) (LastName),what a pleasure to meet you up close,I see that you actually escaped Mr.Kirkland and his two little friends,I must congratulate you in escaping him,no one has ever escaped him,I know about you because I've done some research on you,you live in (Country Capital),(Country) and likes (Favorite Food or Snack) and,oh wait,how rude of me to not tell you,I am Emilie De Rochefort,I'm sure you could have heard about me if you watch Television or the news,I am that rich girl who you've probably seen on the news for my amazing fighting and dance skills,if you don't know,I can turn any dance or ballet move into a simple fighting move,I've beaten many gangs in a 1 on any number of them,and also have a rival who is similar to me but can't beat me,anyway,I can see you must not have a your wallet on you cause you were standing here looking worried,but there is no need to worry about it" She finished talking(finally),'man she talks a lot,but I did see her on Tv once' you thought to yourself,then you realized what she had said last,"What?! why shouldn't I be worried,I have lost my wallet,all my information is in my wallet and my plane ticket back home,I need that!!" you said in a panic-like voice,"And that's how I know so much about you my dear friend,it was in an alley way" She said and pulled out your wallet and handing it too you. " Oh my gawsh,thank you!,thank you thank you thank you so much!" you said in a excited voice,"Mr.Kirkland isn't really the man who would let someone live if they ran away from him well,if they tried to,but you,you must be special to him,by the way,you should go board your plane,it's leaving in 3 minutes,it's been fun talking to you,farewell" Emilie said as she walked out the airport with a smile on her face. 'I am lucky!so lucky,now time to go' you said as you went to go board your plane,unknown to you,a pink van parked right outside the airport with a certain someone watching you. "So she's going to (Country) huh,this isn't the last time I'll see you poppet" Oliver said as he got in his van while you boarded your plane. The I lied,it's not the end,don't get your hopes up,still more to go,so this is To be continued.

Wow,It's been so long since I've written a part for this story feels like it's been a year or was it? probably not,anyways it's back.

Chap1= Part1:…
Part11: Here we are
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Parissimmons Featured By Owner Mar 25, 2014
SOOOOOO CLOSE *goes into emo corner and sulks*
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but i WANT oliver
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I thought this was OliverxReader not OliverxGetTheHellAwayFromMePsyco
MadHattress77 Featured By Owner Jun 28, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
No!!! Each chapter I get more and more away from Ollie! Make this be a cupcake induced dream! :iconscaredplz:
Valentine345 Featured By Owner Jun 28, 2013  Hobbyist Artist
Emilie De Rochefort remins of Tekken?
Memichow Featured By Owner Jun 28, 2013  Student Writer
That's exactly where I got her from,I was playing Tekken with my cousin and thought 'she's pretty,I wanna put her in my story' but I didn't intend to put her in this story,I intended to have her die in Hetahigh Murders but this works too
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